Our Team

Everyone knows what happened in the past, and many know what is happening right now, but only a few know what will happen next. To be ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing market is to know at any point in time what users will be into next.

We analyze data to predict what content will interest people tomorrow by developing the most advanced technology that empowers engagement. The secret sauce to empower growth, engage publishers, brands, and advertisers? Our People.

Sagit Tamir

Senior Accountant

Sarah Isakov

HR & Operations Manager

Shani Abo

Head of Operations

Asaf Eisner

Head of Content Arbitrage

Sol Portais

Creative Team Lead

Guido Fiszbajn

Creative Specialist

Hadas Vidal

Account Manager

Roi Yad Shalom

Backend Developer

Sergey Artemieve

Backend Developer

Nadia Pak

Angular Developer

Linoy Hazbani

Marketing Analyst

Hila Fuchs

Marketing Analyst

Eilon Ungerson

Ad Operations

Harel Madhala

PPC Manager